Anneli & Marvin

What prompted you to start your blog?
I used to have a fashion blog about four years ago, together with my friend while we were both studying Fashion Marketing & Communications in Barcelona. I really enjoyed it, but when I moved to London and I started a full-time job in PR, I simply didn’t have time to keep it up. After many requests to start up a blog again, I decided to give it another go six months ago. I didn’t just want to start up a regular style blog though – I wanted to create one with a clear concept. That’s where the idea of documenting my rather extreme shopping habits came about, through daily posts and reviews. I was on the waiting list for the domain for a few months and bought it as soon as it became available. The blog content is predominately fashion based, but with a lot of beauty and lifestyle products as well. I have recently added ‘outfit’ and ‘wish list’ categories, where I show my day-to-day cravings and snapshots on-the-go. 
What is your day job?
I head of up the PR & Marketing department at a Scandinavian Fashion Wholesaler, based in Central London. Doing both this and my blog on the side is easily a 12-15 hour working day.
What are your current wardrobe essentials?
My new grey YSL Cabas Chyc tote, Michael Kors watches (silver & gold), Uterqüe black booties with metal heel, black Jil Sander silk cape, cargo utility jacket from Quiksilver Woman and a new gold initial stamped disk necklace from Etsy. 
What are your favourite pet-friendly places in London?
I’m not usually a big fan of English pubs, but my local pub in Ravenscourt Park (West London), The Anglesea Arms, is an exception and one of my favourite pet-friendly places in London. They love Marvin and they even have house cats and dogs who lounge around the fire all day. Although the interior is that of a quaint British pub, their food and drinks are far from it. My favourite on the menu are the rock oysters with shallot vinaigrette, a pint of prawns with aioli, and their homemade Bloody Mary’s. Marvin loves their chorizo and potato gratin. 
Where did you find Marvin?
From a kennel in Margate, Kent. 
How did you decide on the name Marvin?
Very random, as I’m not overly keen on football, but it was actually during a live football match where a substitute player with the name of Marvin was announced on the live speaker. My partner and I both loved the name instantly, but it had nothing to do with the player or the team, so it was a completely random reason!

Questions for Marvin

Would you ever start a blog?
I’ve been considering it, seeing as my mummy has one. She spends so much time on it, and I love all the nice clothes she buys and dresses up in. I’ve done some guest appearances on her blog in the past, but I’m not sure I’m confident enough in front of the camera. I might have to do work on my poses in the mirror first! 
Who is your favourite canine companion?
Mummy and daddy call me ‘the lone ranger’ – it’s not that I’m arrogant or scared of other dogs, I just prefer my own company the best (and my parents, of course). I also like my toy bulldogs (especially their ears!). They taste nice. Not to forget my ball – I LOVE playing with my ball and rolling around in the grass. Mummy get’s a bit cross when I do it in this muddy weather though! I just think it’s funny. 
What is your favourite treat?
A big juicy chewing bone, or one of daddy’s barbecued sausages. He always sneaks me one (or three), when mummy isn’t looking. 
What are your top three PetsPyjamas products? 
Like my mummy, I like my luxury and I don’t like the rain. So when I get dragged out in this miserable London weather, I like to cover up in my yellow Doggy Rain Mac from Mulberry. I’m also a big fan of the Kat Maconie Studded Collar and I would love the Purple Champs-Élysées dog bed to lounge in (*hint hint*).

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