Pet Wellbeing


Dog food to help overweight pets

When your pet puts on weight, why not change their dog food for a raw food diet? It gives them plenty of nutrients, giving you a happier, healthier pet.


Why choose Natural Instinct pet food?

Natural Instinct has been designed to provide a balanced nutritional diet, and is the no stress, no mess solution to feeding your dogs and cats raw food.


Why feed your pet a raw food diet?

Feeding your pet a raw food diet can ensure they get all the vital vitamins minerals and nutrients to help them remain super fit and healthy.

Pet etiquette

Petiquette: Cat and dog behaviour

Our pets’ behaviour can sometimes be very embarrassing. Behaviourist Inga MacKellar reveals what we can do about potential pet faux pas.

pet games illustration

Pet games and fun…a serious matter

Our pets’ frisky frolics play an important part in their physical health and mental development. Glyn Brown investigates the purpose of playtime.

City living pets

Petropolis: City living with pets

Pets who share our town houses have to deal with a whole range of issues different to those of their country cousins. Check out the essential guide for urban pets.


Allergies in dogs and cats

From fleas and mites to shampoos and toys, there are many causes of itchy, sensitive skin. Dermatologist David Scar answers your questions.