Cheryl Coles pet pooch diagnosed with cancer


Pop singer Cheryl Cole’s childhood dog has been admitted to a veterinary hospital to undergo radiotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

Cheryl revealed that her Jack Russell, Kiera (who’s 98 in human years) will be spending up to three weeks under medical supervision.

The 30 year-old singer posted a photo of Kiera on Instagram on Tuesday night, captioning it ‘I have had her since she was two months old and I was 16. Tomorrow she has radiotherapy and will be in doggy hospital for two to three weeks.’

The former X Factor judge pleaded to her followers on Twitter ‘Will you help me send her happy vibes and pray for her with me please? She’s my oldest baby and it’s breaking my heart’

The team at PetsPyjamas would like to send Cheryl their love and wish Kiera a speedy recovery!



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