How to keep your pet safe on Fireworks night

Fireworks can be worrying for pet owners – and not just on 5 November with firework parties being held all around the coming weekend. Pets can become extremely anxious and distressed over this period.  So we have put together a list of our top tips to help your keep your furry friend as happy and safe during this stressful time!
1.  On firework night ensure all windows and doors are firmly shut. Close the curtains or blinds and turn on your pets favourite TV show – Strictly could be a good choice for Saturday night!
2.  Make sure your pet has its favourite comfy bed with lots of blankets and their favourite toys.  You could even buy a dog den with a bed with a covered flap for burrowing under when the fireworks start, like this Charley Chau Snuggle Bed:
3.  Walk your dog in the early evening before it gets too dark and ensure your dog is microchipped, so that if they run away you are more likely to be reunited with them
4.  If you are at home with your dog when the fireworks start, distract them with toys, treats and their favourite games and make sure they have the cosy comforters they need. The Comfort Dog Blanket from Banbury & Co. is a great choice to help your pet feel warm and safe:
5. Consider investing in a calming jacket. They really do work and will help make your dog feel less anxious when at home and out and about. This Zenpet Calming Compression Coat comes with a calming spray is a huge favourite:
6.  If you have a cat close the cat flap and keep them indoors as much as possible
7. Consider buying a Feliway diffuser which mimics the cat’s own pheromones and helps create a state of calm
8. Rabbits and guinea pigs living outside should be brought indoors to muffle the sound of the fireworks
Keep these pointers in mind and rest assured, you and your pet can get through this stressful time of year smoothly. Plus your pet is bound to appreciate all the extra love and cuddles coming their way!
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