Peony Lim & Miniature Dachshund Thumbelina

When she’s not working on her namesake style blog, freelance stylist and designer Peony Lim can be found gracing the pages of the world’s glossiest magazines and street style sites. And now she has a partner in crime – Miniature Dachshund Thumbelina, who’s definitely a street style star in the making. We chatted to Peony and Thumbelina about their fashionable lives.
Tell us how you found Thumbelina
My parents have two Dachshunds – my mother has a male and my father has a female. Thumbelina was in their litter!
Why the name?
I wanted to call her Tinkerbell but then realised Paris Hilton has a dog of the same name so we had to choose another fairy! I had always wanted to call my dog Sweetpea but when I saw her she looked more like a Thumbelina.
What are your favourite dog-friendly places?
I actually just put her in my bag and take her everywhere! Most places are fine except for the supermarket, so I tend to avoid taking her there.
What’s on yours and Thumbelina’s SS13 wish list?
Thumbelina wants a new collar and lead as she’s grown out of her puppy ones. I really want the red leather Isabel Marant dress from her SS13 collection. I wore it on a recent Grazia shoot and wanted to take it home with me!
Do you take Thumbelina to work?
Yes I do – unless it’s a very grown-up meeting as she tends to be a distraction. But I usually take her with me to press days – everyone loves to see her.
Do you have a dog walker or sitter you can recommend?
I don’t have a dog sitter but I do have a really good friend who puppysits her if I’m at an evening event.
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