Shy Pomeranian finds confidence in colour

brightly coloured pom

Harvey Moon the Pomeranian was a shy and nervous pooch – until he was dyed bright green for a music video. Owner Stephanie signed her dog up to a modelling agency and jumped at the chance for her little Pomeranian to appear in a music video, even if he needed to be dyed green. But an unexpected side-effect of the experience was Harvey Moon’s sudden overhaul in personality.

green dog

Stephanie noticed that, after being dyed green, her beloved dog completely came out of his shell. The dog became confident and bubbly, but only until the dye wore off, causing Stephanie to believe that her pooch was only truly happy when brightly coloured.

purple dog

Since then, Stephanie has continued to dye her pooch an array of vibrant colours; using natural, vegetable-based dye, of course.

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