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Top 5 indoor games for your dog

At this time of year when daylight is fleeting and the ground is soggy, taking your pooch out for a long walk is sometimes a challenge. Luckily for those days when only a shorter walk is possible, there are plenty of games you can play indoors to keep them entertained. Here are our top 5:
 1. Scent Work 
Using a selection of 4 or 5 empty boxes or tupperwares, challenge your dog to find the hidden treat.
Without your dog seeing, place a single treat underneath an upturned box alongside the 3 or 4 other upturned boxes.
Then encourage your dog to seek out the treat. When he/she pauses at the correct box, lift it up to reveal the treat, giving them lots of encouragement and praise for finding it. The next time they will understand what is expected of them and have fun trying to find the correct box quickly.
You can always make this more challenging by adding in more boxes.