Sign the e-petition now!

Pup Aid has launched an e-petition to help ban the cruel practice of puppy and kitten farming in the UK!

Founded in 2010 by TV vet Marc Abraham, Pup Aid aims to educate and raise awareness about the cruel trade of puppy and kitten farming helping the British public to only buy from reputable and honourable breeders e.g. Kennel Club Assured Breeders, or consider adopting a dog from a local rescue centre. Pup Aid hope their campaign and e-petition will curb the demand and supply for farmed puppies and kittens and help tackle the horrific practice of puppy and kitten farming in the UK.

TV Vet Marc Abraham says:

'Most dog owners say they'd never buy a dog from a puppy farm, yet a large number will due to common scams especially by private dealers. This is exactly why Pup Aid has launched this e-petition. We need 100,000 signatures from the nation's animal lovers to make the Government listen and hopefully end this needless and preventable suffering for good.'