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New York Halloween Dog Parade

    This weekend saw Tompkins Square Park in New York filled with hundreds of people who brought their pets along to the 23rd annual Dog Halloween Parade. All dressed up in elaborate costumes, the East Village park was packed full of a range of breeds dressed up to the nines. Winners of different categories were rewarded with prizes such as Broadway tickets, gift vouchers and doggie treats. In past years, a golden retriever wearing antlers and a Santa suit pulled a sleigh, a corgi came as a bus stop, a West Highland terrier packed in the spinach for his Olive Oyl and Popeye pet parents, and small dogs dug deep into their inner superstars, appearing as John Lennon, Evel Knievel and even Michael Jackson, complete with one glittering silver bootie, according to USA Today. 'The event is a way to share hilarious moments with pets and their owners,' said Garrett Rosso, a volunteer manager of the dog park. 'One year all the pugs came as Chinese take-out. Martha Stewart liked the costumes so much that she made them for her dogs.'