A Family for Amelie

Sam Robinson, a glamorous owner of the lifestyle boutique The Cross, talks about life with her adorable, Staffie-cross rescue dog, Amelie. Sam lives in Kensington with her restaurateur husband, John, and children Jack and Otto.

Amelie is a very friendly and affectionate dog. She adored Lily. Lily took a little time to come round to the idea of having to share her home with a young, cheeky puppy, but there were never any tricky moments between them. Amelie was only five months when she came to live with us, so the only challenges we faced were the usual challenges one faces with a puppy – general house training and so on. She settled into family life quickly and did not have problems adapting. She has just been a delight! Many of the Mayhew dogs are found starving or beaten up – it just breaks your heart – and Amelie had been abandoned. She is brilliant with the children – they love her energy and playfulness – and she is madly in love with my husband John; she likes to curl up on top of him like a pussycat!

We got Amelie just before Christmas 2009. Our lovely Staffie Lily was getting so old – she was about 12 – and had taken to her basket to sleep most of the time. We decided a younger dog might wake her up! I had met a lady walking her dog in Scrubs park, and she told me that the local dog rescue centre, The Mayhew Animal Home, had a high intake of abandoned and abused staffies. We looked on their website, and most of the dogs were not recommended for families with young children; however, Amelie was. She was living with a “foster” family who were training her. The website had a short film clip of Amelie. We fell in love…

Amelie has a very gentle and affectionate and playful nature. She seems to be unable to bark deeply – she makes a noise more like a seal, which makes us laugh. I would encourage people to always consider adopting a rescue pet first before contacting a breeder. There are just too many of them in desperate need of good homes. We found the team at the Mayhew to be very helpful, friendly and professional. We live next to Hyde Park. It is full of squirrels right now, which Amelie loves to chase. She is very social and always plays with other dogs in the park. Amelie comes to work with me and is happy to curl up in her basket. Nearby there’s a tiny pretty park called Avondale Park so that I can take her for mini walks during the day. It’s good for getting me out in the fresh air too!

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A Family for Amelie

Sam Robinson of ‘The Cross’ boutique talks about life with her gorgeous Staffie-cross rescue dog, Amelie