Abandoned cat resembles Bond villain

Eight year old ginger cat Nelson is struggling to find a home due to his similarity to Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

bond villain cat

Abandoned in a car park in Winslow, Buckinghamshire – Nelson was found by a local couple with an injured eye that has now left him with a striking scar, much like the famous Bond baddie’s.

bond villain cat

The kind couple originally took Nelson to a vet who found a corneal scratch on his left eye. Sadly he has now been left with limited vision in that eye but does have perfect sight in the other.

Despite appeals to find his owner, no one has come forward so Nelson is currently in the care of the Cats Protection centre in Winslow who have named him after England’s one-eyed admiral.

Welfare officer of Cat Protection’s Chilterns branch Nicole Parish, said: “He does look like Blofeld, although I never made the connection until someone said it.”

bond villain cat

“He’s an adorable cat, I personally think he just looks very oddly cute.”

“I think it makes him unique and I hope it will make someone want him even more.”

“A lot more people want kittens now and I think that makes it harder to home older cats.”

As the iconic villain said, “You only live twice, Mr Bond” – we hope Nelson will be given a second chance and find a loving family soon.

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