Cats Protection: A Cats Tale

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for Cats Protection to take into their care cats which have been abandoned. Two scared kittens in Guildford and a young pregnant female in Birmingham are just some of the 194,000 cats helped by Cats Protection each year.

One Sunday morning, a volunteer at our Guildford and Godalming Cats Protection branch, was on her way out when she first saw the box. It wasn’t until her return home that she saw a tail sticking out of the discarded box. Rushing over she found two scared little kittens. These poor kittens had been deserted by the side of a noisy road during earlier thundery downpours.

The kittens were quickly taken to the nearest fosterer where they were warmed, watered, fed, cuddled and named; Storm and Lucy. This gorgeous pair had obviously been loved; they were clean, healthy and confident around people. Thankfully, Storm and Lucy quickly found their forever home with a lovely family.

storm and lucyyyLucy and Storm, the abandoned kittens

Sadly, the number of unwanted cats like Storm and Lucy is rising. To help reduce this problem, Cats Protection neuters around 158,000 cats and kittens per year and promotes the benefits of neutering.

Early in 2014, a young tortoiseshell female was abandoned in Birmingham, despite being pregnant. She was desperate to find a quiet, dry place to give birth and found safety under some garden decking. It was in these cramped and cold conditions that she gave birth to two kittens.

A couple had no idea of the new family now in their garden. It wasn’t until their son heard the little kittens crying and saw mum’s head peeping from the hole that they were able to start feeding mum and gaining her trust. Eventually, mum and the two kittens, hungry enough to take the risk, ventured out of their safe place.

fay and kittensssFay, the young cat abandoned when pregnant, and her kittens, Wilfred and Wilbur

The cats desperately needed a safe, warm place to call home. It was thanks to a fosterer from our South Birmingham Cats Protection centre, that the mum and the kittens were given the care they needed.  The kittens, named Wilfred and Wilbur, and mum, Fay, were rehomed together by a lovely couple. Without the help of Cats Protection, things could have been so different for all five of these cats.

PetsPyjamas is supporting Cats Protection – join us and help Cats Protection continue their invaluable work by donating a small amount online. 


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