Adopt a dog: Starting a new chapter

In the second instalment of her blog about adopting a rescue dog, Gracia Amico, CEO of PetsPyjamas shares the joy of finally being able to collect her new puppy, Piper and how the rescue centre were so supportive during the process.   

Piper relaxing in the car on way home (2)

When we heard last Friday that our new rescue dog had the green light after her hernia operation and being spayed, we were thrilled, and I must admit, I did not sleep much that night. Early Saturday morning we drove to the Bath Cat and Dog Rescue Centre to pick up our six month old Lurcher, Piper. As Piper is a puppy, we had to attend a one to one puppy session with a dog behavioural expert. For more than one hour we listened intently to all the great tips and feedback on how to deal with a puppy. Steve was clearly an expert who loved his job and we were gratefully listening to his advice. We were also reassured that if we were lost in any way with Piper’s behaviour, he was always just at the end of the phone to help and guide us.

Picking up Piper (2)

After some more paper work and paying £120 for the adoption, the beautiful Piper finally walked in. My heart skipped a beat; she was even lovelier than I remembered her from our first visit. In addition she seemed confident, warm and very excited.

Piper coming home (2)

With great pride we walked her to our car and she immediately felt like ‘ours’. I had tried to make a cosy space for her on the back seat using her new Faux-Fur Fleece comforter  and during the journey she seemed to enjoy our constant cuddles and delighted squeals as well the Creature Clothes Emergency Treats I had brought for her. It was fair to say that we were over the moon and already in love with those big puppy eyes…

Piper rescue centre 1 (2)

Next time: Piper’s first night at home.

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