Would you take your pet to your wedding?

Whether you invite your canine companion as a guest or involve your pooch as a ring-bearer or best man, including your beloved pet adds a special touch to your wedding day. We spoke to Jessica Underwood, the founder of Soirée de Luxe, a luxury wedding & event planning company, and found out her top five tips for featuring your pet in your special day.


“I have arranged several weddings where pets have been involved. I have organised some where the pets actually played a part in the wedding, such as ring bearer or groomsmen!  I’ve also organised a few where the pets were simply a guest or have just made a VIP (Very Important Pet) personal appearance. My involvement with pets at weddings is generally on the creative side of things, so I would normally help decide what part the pet will play in the wedding and help with the styling of their furry friend.” Jessica Underwood

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Top five tips when considering involving your pet in your wedding?

1. Ensure your venue is ‘pet friendly’ – I know this is a pretty obvious one, but there are so many things to consider when planning your wedding that it could be easily forgotten (and has been in the past). Not only should you ensure that your pet is allowed to be in all the locations at your venue, but make sure there is a quiet, sheltered area for your pet, with enough space for them to stretch their legs.

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2. Designate (or even hire) someone to look after your pet before, during and after the ceremony – You will be far too busy on your wedding day to take care of them. But you can’t give this job to just anybody, so make sure the ‘VIP’ with this task has met your pet before and knows how best to look after them and how to make them feel comfortable and safe.

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3. Be cautious of young children with your pet – Children are especially fascinated with pets, which is of course adorable, but it is important that someone supervises children with your pet, as they can unknowingly overwhelm the animal. By all means allow the children to spend time with the pet, but just make sure they are always supervised.

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4. Don’t forget to bring essentials and treats – Your wedding day is the day when you want your pet to be as obedient as possible, so if you’ve done a fantastic job at training them, their favourite treats are going to come in very handy on this day. Make sure to include the obvious, like toilet essentials and their favourite toy.

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5. Order your pet’s “outfit” way in advance – You don’t want to give your pet to be unhappy or uncomfotable on the day, so make sure they’re very happy in their attire. Even a small accessory, such as a dicky bow tie (or a pretty little bow for a girl) will look fabulous. Trust me, it’s definitely comfort over style on this occasion!

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