Alex & Bodhi

This fortnight, PetsPyjamas visited the dashing Alex and his equally dashing Hungarian Vizsla, Bodhi. Alex, Director at Winkworth’s Notting Hill office, and Bodhi are never apart for long – the statuesque Vizsla is an honorary office staffer, spending each working day under Alex’s desk (and sometimes atop his chair!). Team PetsPyjamas was impressed by how obedient Bodhi was – and a natural model, too. We chatted to Alex about office pets, the best dog walkers and everything in between…


What breed is Bodhi and how did he get his name?

Bodhi is a Hungarian Vizsla and my wife came up with the name, largely an instinctive choice based just on the way it sounded – the fact it is Sanskrit for ‘enlightenment’ was a bit of an unlikely coincidence!

How old is Bodhi?

Bodhi is 2½.

Does Bodhi enjoy coming to work with you?

Vizslas by their nature need to be around people and he certainly loves the team at work, as luckily do they. Some mornings he needs a bit of persuasion to leave the comfort and warmth of home but others he is waiting for us at the door by the time we get there. I can only bring him in though knowing I have such a great dog walker who gives him a really good run.

Do you enjoy taking him to work with you and is he a hit with your clients?

It is great to have him around all the time and for the most part clients love him. We have just refurbished the office and he has found a nice spot he likes to sit at in the window, in one of our chairs! He generates far more interest I think than the rest of us of course.

How did you manage to train him to be so obedient?

Team PetsPyjamas saw him on a good day – I wish he was always that way. Bodhi is without question a wilful dog and I am a long way from being the boss all the time. As with all training, it is a continual thing though.

What is Bodhi’s routine and do you have a particular dog walker for Bodhi?

Bodhi goes out every day with Amy for much of the morning. She is brilliant and it is she that makes this whole thing possible. She only takes a small number of dogs at a time, often of larger varieties, and they go for a good long walk mostly in the Scrubs but often further afield. Bodhi needs to be off lead, let loose to charge around and with Amy he does just that which is what makes her so great and has allowed her to gather a very loyal and very grateful group of clients.


Your Pet Neighbourhood:

Where do you live and where do you take Bodhi at weekends?

It was Bodhi that largely caused us to leave our beloved old stomping ground of Notting Hill for Chiswick, with larger gardens so many more green spaces close by. For a shorter walk, Chiswick House is ideal – entirely dog friendly, great variety and lots of other dogs to play with. We go to Richmond Park every weekend at least once though where Bodhi joins us for a run round the park or gets a bit more attention on a good long walk.

Which are your favourite pet friendly cafes/restaurants/parks/pubs?

The Swan and The Duke of Sussex in Chiswick would be the top two – they’re both very dog friendly. Great food at The Swan, great ale at the Duke.

Who are your favourite canine friends?

Bodhi’s best mates I am sure are the crew he hangs with when out with Amy. There are also a couple of clients who bring theirs in to see him at the office, often as they can’t get past the door otherwise!

What’s on your PetsPyjamas wishlist?

Probably something simple like the smart Dogs &  Horses Ribbed Leather collar that he wore at the PetsPyjamas photoshoot.

What are Bodhi’s favourite toys/treats?

Remarkably Bodhi has never chewed a single thing of ours – anything you give him though, gone in minutes. There is no such thing as indestructible with him! Anything then, but the best to keep him going for a while are the antlers.

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