Annoushka Jewellery and Her Gorgeous Frenchies

We talked to jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas about her fabulous brand and how important her two adorable French bulldogs Pedro and Eric are.

  1. What are you up to at the moment? Latest news?
    I have recently launched a gorgeous collection of charms with The Vampire’s Wife and am now getting ready to launch my French Bulldog Charms which are inspired by my beloved Frenchies: Pedro and Eric! 2018 also happens to be the lunar year of the dog so it felt like the perfect moment to design doggy charms.
  2. Tell us about your lovely French bulldogs? Their names and ages:
    I have had Frenchies all my life, our first one was called Claude. I have Pedro (aged 10) who is white with a black ear and Eric (aged 11) who is brindle. We welcomed Lenny, who is fawn with a very beautiful black face, into the family last Summer.
  3. What made you choose French bulldogs?
    I was brought up with Frenchies as my mother absolutely adored them.  They are incredibly loyal and loving in fact they are almost human – they have wonderfully expressive faces, and almost talk! I even love the absurd snoring – particularly when all three are doing it at the same time.
  4. Where do they live – in London with you or in the country? or both
    They mainly live in the country and occasionally come to London but they don’t really like it as the pavements give them sore feet!
  5. Do they have any best friends?
    Pedro and Eric are inseparable and Lenny’s arrival caused a bit of an issue at the beginning as they were all insanely jealous of each other – luckily things seem to have settled down now and they will play for hours!
  6. Any funny ways?
    They have an appalling wind habit!
  7. Where do they walk?
    We are lucky enough to live at the foot of the South Downs so we do short walks there but their short little legs are not really built for long hikes! They absolutely love walking along the shore in Bosham or on West Wittering beach when the tide is out.
  8. Favourite accessories on PetsPyjamas?
    I love dressing my dogs up in fun outfits like this Bronx Denim Jacket:
  9. Any particular dog-friendly restaurants/cafes?
    George Club
  10. Do they travel with you.  If so where? Any favourite PetsPyjamas hotels?
    Sadly we leave them at home when we travel.
  11. Do you have strong feelings about any issues concerning dogs?
    I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs!


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