How effective are flea collars?


Fleas are a well-known pest, and can cause your pet a great deal of discomfort if not treated quickly and effectively. So, what can you do to keep your pet healthy, happy and comfortable? And what can you do to control fleas? Well, prevention is the best method and products like flea collars can help to keep these pesky parasites at bay.

How does a flea collar work, then? The collar is infused with chemicals that repel fleas and therefore help to prevent infestations. However, some pet owners have found that flea collars tend to only offer effective protection around the collar area, and not necessarily the entire body.

A flea collar also won’t be effective if your dog or cat is in constant contact with an infested area, so a better solution might be to treat the environment (which may very well be your carpet!).

To clear an infestation in your home, you could use an anti flea indoor spray, such as our Biospotix Indoor Spray. This spray can be used to take care of existing infestations and also help to prevent new ones – it’s worth remembering that even the cleanest of homes can be vulnerable to infestation, which may not always be visible to the naked eye.

If it’s too late to take the prevention route and your pet already has fleas, there are plenty of products like shampoos and sprays that can help to rid your furry friend of this hopping annoyance.

Try an effective anti flea spray like our Biospotix Dog Spray, which works by damaging the fleas’ respiratory system to prevent new infestation. This anti flea spray will do wonders for your canine companion – without causing any unwanted side effects.

If you feel like you want to give your pet a real treat following a flea problem, then a luxurious, tea tree oil, hygienic shampoo will do the trick. This natural oil has long been used by Aboriginal Australians as a soothing antiseptic, and a few washes with a tea tree oil hygienic shampoo will leave your pampered pet with soothed skin and a shiny, healthy-looking coat. You can also use this hygienic shampoo on a regular basis to keep your dog’s coat in top condition.

So, if you’re concerned about your pet catching fleas, it’s definitely a good idea to try some preventative measures – like a flea collar – to avoid the problem. However, you should also bear in mind that a more effective long-term solution might be to thoroughly treat your home environment to prevent recurring infestations.

If you are thinking of buying a flea collar for your pet, it’s essential to choose one with a safe, quick release feature – this will ensure that your furry friend isn’t at risk from choking if the collar becomes caught whilst they’re out and about.

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