Which dog toys are best for my pet?

Dog toys keep your pet’s mind engaged, minimise naughty behaviour and provide a great way for you to bond with your furry friend! So, we’ve hunted down the different types of toys you can buy for your pet…


dog toys soft toys

King Crab Plush Dog Toy by P.L.A.Y.

The best thing about soft dog toys is that they are available in an imaginative range of adorable shapes and sizes! These are great for comforting pets – especially if your furry friend gets very anxious when you’re not around. They also make great nap buddies! We don’t recommend these types of toys for dogs that are big chewers as they won’t last very long.


dog toys squeaky toys

Union Jack Linen Squeaky Bone Dog Toy by Mutts & Hounds

Your neighbours won’t thank you, but a squeaky toy will definitely keep your pup entertained! The squeaking will appeal to your pet’s natural hunting instinct, keeping them busy for hours. Invest in one of these if you can stand the squeaking.


dog toys chew toys

Extreme 2 Knot Rope Tugger by Happy Pet

Hard toys are great for dogs that have a tendency to chew, plus they’ve been proven to keep pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Hard and chew toys also alleviate boredom and anxiety – singlehandedly protecting your furniture!


dog toys interactive toy

Star Spinner Interactive Treat Game by Outward Hound

If you want to give your furry friend’s mind a work out, an interactive dog toy or game is perfect. Plus, they usually involve treats! There are lots of different levels of difficulty so your pooch doesn’t have to be an Einstein to have fun. Great on those rainy days when you’re both stuck indoors.


dog toys ball toy

Orbee Tuff Tennis Ball by Planet Dog

If you have a very active four-legged friend on your hands, then balls and toys, such as frisbees will be best. Ideal for games in the garden or park, your pooch will love racing around and they’ll help burn off that seemingly limitless energy. Most of these types of toys are waterproof too so you won’t have to worry about them becoming damaged if they are left outside or find their way into the local pond.

It’s important to keep some variety in your dog’s play routine and we recommend experimenting with different toys until you find your pet’s favourite! Plus, all that play time will give you plenty of bonding time with your best friend.

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