Bethenny Frankel And Her Pooch


Bethenny Frankel was spotted out and about with her adorable Lhasa Apso, Cookie. We like Bethenny’s floppy hat and denim flares, but what we really love is how she’s matched her top and bag to Cookie’s lead. Matching your outfit with your pet’s can be tricky – it’s very easy to go too matchy and look like you’re both playing dress-up – but if you’d like to ensure you and your pooch look stylish, colour coordinating is a simple and classy technique. Here’s how to pull off the trend:

  • Plan your outfit first. Working from your dog’s outfit is rarely a good idea! It’s much better to dress yourself first and then see which doggie accessories work the best. 
  • Pick out a key colour from your outfit. This colour should pop out from your outfit, so don’t go for black or brown. A bright red top like Bethenny’s is perfect as red is a vibrant shade that’s ideal for spring. If you’re wearing a pattern, try focusing on one preferred colour from the print that you can emphasise with other accessories.
  • Add your accessories. When focusing on a particular colour, you need to emphasise it without going over the top. For example, Bethenny’s featured colour is red, but she only has one red accessory involved in her outfit; a bag. Adding too many items of the same colour can look a bit costume-y, so limit yourself to one main piece of clothing and one accessory of the same colour.
  • Match with your pet! Treat your dog to a collar and lead in your featured colour, or if it’s colder try a coat for your pooch. If you’d like to take your small dog out, why not give their legs a rest and carry them in a colour coordinated bag or case.

That’s it! Colour coordinating outfits and accessories with your canine companion is a quick and simple way to ensure that you’re the most stylish person and pooch pair around. Just make sure to stock up on accessories in every colour for your furry friend, so that you can match his outfit to yours every day!

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