Blind Pug becomes therapy dog and local hero

A blind pug from Klamath Falls in Oregon has become a local hero after enrolling as a therapy dog. 


Xander sadly wenblind after an accident at the age of one and then was put in care at the Klamath Animal Shelter. However, volunteers at the shelter fell for him and decided to home him themselves. The two volunteers, Marcie and Rodney Beedy, have said that they quickly realised Xander had a wonderful ability to cheer people up and decided to enrol him in the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen programme.


After three weeks, Xander officially became a certified Pet Partner’s Therapy Dog. His days now consist of visiting hospitals, nursing homes, animal shelters and schools, bringing happiness and comfort to both the young and old.

Despite not being able to see the people he meets, Xander has a warm and affectionate nature which brings joy to those who need it most.

Not surprisingly, Xander now has a growing fan-base and has started to receive a strong following on the internet. On his Facebook page which is named ‘Meet Xander’, we are told that his mission in life is to put a halt to violence, whilst bringing comfort to the old and young.

Talking about when he first met Xander, owner Rodney said ‘I loved him – just his personality and everything…I was saying I’ll take this dog, he’s going to make a fantastic therapy dog’.



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