Borko the rescued street dog


A new children’s story named ‘Borko’ has been written by the co-founder of K9 Rescue in order to draw attention to animal welfare. The author, Brian Jones, wanted to create an interactive colouring-in book for children which would teach the younger ages about the need to treat animals with compassion. ‘Borko’ illustrates the true story of a young disabled pup who survives life on the streets before finding a happy home with a caring owner, Dr Litov.


Author Brian Jones, along with his wife Michelle, established K9 Rescue in order to end cruelty to dogs, especially for those in Bulgaria. They also established the Facebook page ‘Justice for Borko’ which documents the plight of the real-life dog behind the story book.  Speaking about the book, Jones comments “animals should be cared for and loved forever. With the help of education for children, we can overcome some of the suffering animals have around the world today.” Through Wetnose Animal Aid, all proceeds from the book will help street dogs and strays in Bulgaria
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