Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2018

To celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day, PetsPyjamas talked to four successful women who love to take their dogs to work – top jewellery designer Tessa Packard, shoe designer Camilla Elphick, Devon hotelier Tabitha Amador-Christie and PetsPyjamas own Travel Manager, Florence Simons.

What better way to ensure a joyful atmosphere at work than bringing your dog with you! Happily, there are more and more offices taking this enlightened view naturally with PetsPyjamas leading the way. Plus research shows that having pets in the office really does create a happier and more relaxed work environment.

Tessa Packard

Fine jewellery designer

London-based fine jewellery designer Tessa Packard and Smartie


PPJ: Tell us about your dog and your office
TP: I have a nine-year-old Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund called Smartie, and my showroom is in Chelsea, London.

PPJ: How important is it to you to be able to bring Smartie to work?
TP: Vitally important. From a practical point of view, it makes life a hell of a lot easier if you are able to bring your dog to work. But pragmatism aside, I adore my dog and cherish her company, so from an emotional and friendship perspective it is wonderful to be able to have her by my side as much as possible. I have always loved the author Philip Pullman’s concept of the daemon – an inseparable animal companion that belonged to each human, capable of speech and essentially man’s best friend. I think of Smartie as my ‘daemon’, as I’m sure many other dog-owners do of their own.

PPJ: What impact does Smartie have on the atmosphere of the office?
TP: I really like to think that Smartie brings a sense of calm and homeliness to the office. Not only does she break the ice in meetings but she really helps put more nervous clients at ease, especially those who have come into the showroom to discuss engagement rings.

PPJ: How do you keep your dog amused?
TP: Smartie is intrinsically lazy when indoors, so most of her time in the showroom is spent napping on a sofa (ideally in the sun) whilst I’m at my desk. That aside, chews (unsurprisingly) and people are her best source of amusement.

PPJ: Any must-haves to keep her amused?
TP: A comfy sofa, dried chicken strips, anyone who will stroke her for a good, sustained length of time.

PPJ: Does she get on with your colleagues?
TP: Yes, perfectly

PPJ: Any funny ways?
TP: She purposefully goes to the loo inside if I tell her off; she pretends I don’t exist for at least two hours after I get back from holiday; she will not leave the house /showroom to go for a walk if it is raining… I genuinely think she is more human than dog most of the time.

PPJ: Do you have any advice for people thinking of creating a dog-friendly office?
TP: Be prepared for a couple of accidents….

Florence Simons

Travel Manager – PetsPyjamas

PetsPyjamas Travel Manager Florence Simons and Maisy


PPJ: Tell us about your dog and your office
FS: Maisy – a Working Cocker Spaniel, who is eight. The office is in the heart of Shoreditch, London

PPJ: What impact does Maisy have on the atmosphere of the office?
FS: Dogs are very calming to the office and have a remarkable way of providing a laugh and a great atmosphere too!

PPJ: How do you keep Maisy amused?
FS: I am lucky as we have an abundance of toys around the office, and there is always someone happy to give them a cuddle. But they are often exhausted in the afternoon as have been so busy in the morning so have a long snooze!

PPJ: Any must-haves to keep Maisy amused?
FS: I think a toy/ treat which is a brain trainer or tough treat to chew (rather than a little quick one) as it’s one that they can gnwar on for hours.

PPJ: Does she get on with your colleagues?
FS: Yes – she is a super affectionate dog and loves cuddles from anyone and everyone.

PPJ: Any funny ways?
FS: She always lies on her back for belly rubs.

PPJ: Do you have any advice for people thinking of creating a dog-friendly office?
FS: The main thing for me is that you have to let the dog have it’s own space some time they need some them time and its good to have some time out from all the attention.

Camilla Elphick

Shoe designer

Award-winning shoe designer Camilla Elphick and Lulu. Source: Twenty6 Magazine


PPJ: Tell us about your dog and your office
CE: Lulu is a Cavachon (Cavalier King Charles mixed with a Bichon Frise) – she’s recently had a “teddy bear” haircut for summer and looks rather adorable. She is almost four years old – we aren’t completely sure of her birth date as she is a rescue dog – we always have a little birthday celebration regardless. Our new studio is in Ladbroke Grove, we have started walking to and from work most days now the weather is nice. It’s great to have a companion on the journey in and she loves stopping off with me to get my morning coffee. My kinda girl!

PPJ: How important is it to you to be able to bring your dog to work?
CE: It is a top priority – we turned down an office we loved because they stopped being dog-friendly just as we were signing the lease. It was a good misfortune as when I walked out of the office, I turned the corner and found our new office. Lulu loves it! It’s a very pet-friendly office building.

PPJ: What impact does Lulu have on the atmosphere of the office?
CE: Having a dog at the office creates a friendly and calming atmosphere. It’s at times distracting but she lifts the mood without fail!

PPJ: How do you keep Lulu amused?
CE: She doesn’t need must amusement whilst at the office. She sleeps all day at the back of our chairs – it sounds a little odd but it’s improving our postures no end! Human contact is enough – when it comes to the park, she loves to play with sticks, balls and chase after birds.

PPJ: Any must-haves to keep Lulu amused?
CE: The K9 Canon is a definite must have – it has changed everything – she now enjoys going to the park with me at lunchtime and after work. Before she’d only like to go with my boyfriend as they play fetch for hours. The K9 launches small balls for miles (much better than my pathetic attempt to throw the ball) which keeps her amused.

PPJ: Does Lulu get on with your colleagues?
CE: Yes, sometimes it takes a little while with someone new as she is very shy. She is quite easily won over with food (carrots, chicken, strawberry’s) are her fave.

PPJ: Any funny ways?
CE: She likes to sleep on the cushions between my boyfriend and I. It’s basically like having a toddler in our bed. She wakes me up by resting her head on mine in the morning and tapping my face for food. She’s so cute so I don’t mind!

PPJ: Do you have any advice for people thinking of creating a dog-friendly office?
CE: Start with a crate/gated-off area in the office with puppies – there are so many accidents waiting to happen! Have a dog play box with toys, blankets, food, dog bags and plenty of water bowls. Dogs much prefer to be with their humans so don’t leave them behind!

Tabitha Amador-Christie

General Manager – Paschoe House

Paschoe House General Manager Tabitha Amador Christie, Truffle and Toffee


PPJ: Tell us about your dog and your office
TAC: We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – Truffle is two years old and Toffee is eight months old. Our office is at Paschoe House, near Crediton, in Devon.

PPJ: How important is it to you to be able to bring Truffle and Toffee to work?
TAC: It is really important for me to be able to bring my Cavaliers into work as they are well-known dogs for being highly emotional and to have anxiety when left alone for too long.

PPJ: What impact do Truffle and Toffee have on the atmosphere of the workplace?
TAC: Both of my dogs create a lovely environment at Paschoe House – they make the grand house feel less pretentious!

PPJ: How do you keep Truffle and Toffee amused?
TAC: There is always lots going on here to keep them amused – guests coming and going, sometimes with dogs of their own! They have 25-acres of land to roam as well!

PPJ: Any must-haves to keep them amused?
TAC: They like their bed that they share in the head office!

PPJ: Do they get on with your colleagues?
TAC: They do indeed!

PPJ: Any funny ways?
TAC: Toffee and Truffle are “the meet & greet” team at Paschoe – they go up to every single guest to ensure that they are having a lovely time here with us!

PPJ: Do you have any advice for people thinking of creating a dog-friendly workplace?
TAC: I think it is a great idea – but size and temperament must be taken into consideration! We couldn’t have had two larger dogs pottering around!

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