Humans And Pets Affected By Heatwave

wet dogs

With temperatures soaring this week, reaching highs of 32.2°C in Hampton, South West London, Britons will be pleased to hear that the good weather will continue over the weekend. Temperatures will drop to around 27°C, a welcome change to those that have been sweating it out in the office or struggling with the heat on public transport.

The hot weather, though a welcome change from the gloom and rain we’re used to, has brought with it some risks. The Met Office has issued a level three heat warning, announcing the danger to the very old and young. But what many fail to remember is that pets have an especially hard time in this type of heat.

pugs pool

People all over England are taking unusual steps to stay cool, such as working in bikini tops, offering free suntan lotion with every purchase of a beer, and breaking fire hydrants. Even pooches have been taking extreme measures, with pugs wearing life jackets seen taking a dip in a paddling pool!

While you’re lugging around a giant bottle of water or indulging in an ice cream, make sure you don’t forget to take proper steps to keep your dog cool in extreme heat. Invest in a water activated cool coat to leave your pooch feeling refreshed, and ensure pets stay hydrated with a constant supply of clean, fresh, cool water – take a special bottle made for dogs when heading outside, and frequently top up bowls when at home.

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