Budding friendship between puppy and baby

We think we might have found the most adorable, heart warming story of the year. The pictures only serve to illustrate our point.
It all started when two little New York siblings, Jack and Zoe, were taken to Santa’s grotto and told him that their biggest wish for Christmas was for a puppy. Parents Jessica and Justin could feel their hearts cave, and only a few weeks later they found their newest member of the family – Theo. He is said to be part Boxer, part Shepherd, and part Labrador Retriever – an interesting combination which left his new owners mystified as to what to expect from his nature.
It was only a few days after Theo joined his new family home that Jessica held her youngest, Beau, as he fell asleep for his daily nap. But that day he was joined by Theo (see top picture).
Jessica describes herself as being blown over by the cuteness and we can only agree. What started that day has now grown into a ritual, as Theo patiently waits everyday for Beau’s nap-time, snuggling up next to him once he has settled into sleep. If Jessica and Justin had any doubts at all about how Theo would settle into their family, I think everyone would agree they can rest assured.
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Not wanting to keep these special moments to herself, Jessica has shared the budding friendship with us with these beautiful pictures which started life on Instagram – #theoandbeau. Jessica hopes to turn the photos into a book, and says she plans to put any proceeds towards the Santa Cruz SPCA, where they found Theo.
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