Bull Terrier Jimmy Choo is an Instagram star

Pets are constantly making waves on social media – and one pooch that has begun to stand out is Rafael Mantesso’s Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo.

 Jimmy Choo 1

The Instagram account of the Brazilian food editor and talented artist stars his beloved canine captured against a backdrop of creative and amusing illustrations – accompanied by appropriate props – to produce a truly magical feed.

From sharing spaghetti with Walt Disney’s Lady from Lady & The Tramp, to singing his heart out on a karaoke mic – Jimmy can found in all sorts of unexpected situations that are guaranteed to draw a smile to your face.

Jimmy Choo 5


Jimmy Choo 7


Jimmy Choo 10


Jimmy Choo 6


Jimmy Choo 4


Jimmy Choo 8


Jimmy Choo 3


Jimmy Choo 9

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