Camping with your dog

With festival and holiday season in full swing, we asked  Ruffwear  to share their expertise on camping with your dog. Creating practical dog outdoor accessories, Ruffwear reveal the rules to courteous canine camping and what you will need for your trip.

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 Responsible campers and backpackers know to leave “no trace behind,” but a dog, who has been domesticated and removed from nature, may not understand these rules. It’s the reason so few camping grounds allow this boisterous, free-roaming creature to meander through the trails and wildlife. To ensure pet-friendly campgrounds and trails remain open to dogs, here’s a few pointers to help us all be well-mannered nature dwellers.

1 – Lose your dignity.

Of course no one likes to pick up after their pet’s droppings, but it’s a must. A handy baggy dispenser to conveniently carry the bags will always mean you are never caught short while camping. And if your find yourself far from a rubbish bin, put a pack on your dog and let him/her do the carrying.

2 – Know who’s taking who for a walk.

Be sure your dog is on voice command prior to taking your dog on an adventure. This will prevent them from running off, jumping up on people or other dogs, and getting into trouble. Your dog is more reluctant to listen in exciting situation, especially where other dogs, people and wildlife co-exist, so proper training is a must. And don’t forget to always carry a leash when you go camping—just in case.

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3 – If you bring them along, don’t leave them behind.

An unattended dog can be disruptive to wildlife and other campers, so it’s best not to leave your dog alone. Aside from howling or barking, they could get themselves in a precarious situation if they get tied up, attacked, overheat, or manage to find a poisonous treat.

4 – Save it for the hydrant.

Prevent your dog from relieving themselves near swimming areas, children, or food preparation areas. Not only is it unsanitary, but it can attract other types of wildlife to the campsite.

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