The island where cats rule

Off the coast of Fukuoka, Japan, is a tiny little island where semi-feral cats have taken over. Nicknamed as Cat Heaven Island, the felines inhabiting Tashirojima far outnumber the human population.





Initially, cats were introduced to the island to ward off the mice from the silk-worm farms. However, that industry eventually left the island, leaving behind a growing population of cats and a small fishing community. The locals take care of the semi-feral cats, feeding them scraps from their fishing trips, believing it will bring good luck and prosperity. It has also been said that the fishermen believe that cats can help predict weather patterns.

Japanese photographer, Fubirai, spent 5 years photographing the lives of the felines of Tashirojima. Called Cat Heaven Island by many, it’s clear to see from his pictures why it earned its nickname…








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