Catching up with Stanley the rescue dog

You may recognise Stanley from a feature that we wrote last year, Rehoming Stanley. As long-time supporters of dog rehoming schemes, Peter and Jane knew that when the time was right for them to get a dog, they would adopt one. And so after a difficult start in life, the adorable Stanley is now blissfully happy with Jane and Peter and divides his time between Maida Vale and Southwold. PetsPyjamas catch up with Stanley and find out just what he’s been up too…
Nearly 30 months since we rehomed Stanley and he continues to thrive and learn new things every day.  He remains a very lively chap and so much better with other dogs thanks to James and his team at Dogs & Kisses where Stanley goes every week for a couple of days of play and socialization.  Everyone has commented on his transformation, he still barks at other dogs when on the lead but now is happy to play when off the lead.
Stanley has learnt to communicate with us in many ways, such as here where he is tapping his bowl for his dinner, not that we could possibly ignore him!   Its fascinating to see the ways in which he works out how to ‘talk’ to us.
Err, I am hungry Mum!
He loves shopping, and always checks that there is something for him in the bag!
Squeaky toys remain an obsession and he still guards them but we are working on this!
Yum, squeaky burger for lunch!
Deep in thought at Dogs & Kisses, probably dreaming of the squirrel that got away!
The recent snow was a revelation to Stanley, being a ‘house dog’ before we rehomed him, the little chap was so excited with the snow and, at Dogs & Kisses, he really got to enjoy it in the secure open spaces! 
Woo Hoo! What fun!
This Christmas and the thought of Santa and his bounty of more squeaky toys, chew sticks and kongs and suitably dressed for the day!
A teeny bit fed up, I’m still waiting, is Santa really coming today? 
So, Stanley has had a busy year, lots of new friends, experiences and love from lots of humans. How could you not love that face!
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