Stylish celebrities and their dogs

We round up 10 of the most stylish celebrity and canine pairings and show you how to draw inspiration from their style.

 Blake Lively
1. Blake Lively and Penny the Maltipoo 

We love Blake’s use of simple colours and shapes, creating a style that is as attainable as it is gorgeous. To recreate Blake’s look, we recommend wearing rich shades of blue, brown, and cream, and using a bold scarf, such as this stunning silk scarf by Lisa Bliss, to add some excitement to an otherwise simple outfit. For dogs who are feeling a little envious of adorable Maltipoo Penny, treat your pooch to a super soft blanket and a sparkling collar – understated luxury is Penny’s niche.

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Olivia Wilde Photos

2. Olivia Wilde and Paco

Olivia Wilde’s effortlessly cool style is all down to her use use of layering and simple colours. Pairing stripes or leopard print with a t-shirt and jeans livens up the basics we all already have in our wardrobes. That’s smart dressing. Paco also looks impeccable, complementing a clean white coat with a lovely blue collar and lead set.

Hugh Jackman photos

3. Hugh Jackman and Peaches the French Bulldog

Yes, obviously Hugh Jackman is gorgeous. But who can focus on him when adorable pooch, Peaches, is by his side? Recreate Peaches’ style by kitting your canine companion out in a vibrant orange collar and lead set.

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Sienna Miller

4. Sienna Miller and Bess

Providing a masterclass on classic British style, Sienna Miller never puts a well-heeled foot wrong fashionwise, and her mixed breed dog, Bess, is no different. Bess makes sure to wear a stunning red lead for every occasion, easily coordinating with Sienna’s accessories to perfection. What a stylish pair.

liv tyler

5. Liv Tyler and Neal the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Wearing classic style essentials with serious aplomb, Liv Tyler always looks absolutely stunning. Luckily, Neal can keep up in the style stakes. Pairing a silky smooth coat with a simple red or black lead, this is one pooch who will never be underdressed.

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ryan reynolds

6. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Ryan Reynolds is the king of cool, laidback style, with Baxter the perfect sartorial match. Steal the pair’s style with plenty of grey, green, and black.

eva mendes

7. Eva Mendes and her two dogs

We love how Eva Mendes wears gorgeously feminine pieces while out for walks with her dogs. Florals and bright shades of red look impeccably elegant with a large dog by your side, especially when your pooch is stylishly sporting a lovely black leather lead.

Gwen Stefani

8. Gwen Stefani and Chewy the Pomeranian

Eccentric with an edge of rock and roll, Gwen Stefani is, and forever will be, one of the most stylish women on the planet. It’s no surprise that every perfectly styled outfit comes with adorably fluffy Chewy in tow – he’s the perfect balancing act for all that black and leather.

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ryan gosling

9. Ryan Gosling and his cross-breed George

Here is one man who truly adores his dog. Ryan Gosling always looks fantastic, wearing masculine, well-cut pieces to perfection. We’re huge fans of Ryan’s tartan coat, which we think makes a great print for you and your pooch!

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Molly King

10. Molly King and Alfie the Toy Poodle

Elegant and feminine, Molly always looks fabulous while out walking her dog, who looks equally stylish with his fluffy coat and pretty red collar and lead.

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