Meet Pancho the Chihuahua, yoga expert

With the first video of the pair already viewed more than 700,000 times, Niccolo Bello and his Chihuahua, Pancho, are set to become the next big thing in adorable pet videos. The video shows Pancho and Niccolo practicing yoga side by side, with Niccolo offering gentle encouragement to improve the chihuahua’s form.

Niccolo says that the video will be the first of ‘many small clips featuring Pancho in unique and unusual’ daily situations, but we hope to see more of Pancho concentrating on his stretches. As we found out from our interview with doga teacher Mahny Djahanguiri, practicing doga creates a unique bond between owner and dog, and can offer a multitude of health benefits for both. The relaxation doga offers can help calm an anxious dog or simply aid his or her digestive system and sleep pattern.

Find out more about doga by reading our interview with Mahny Djahanguiri.

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