What is the right size dog bed?

Which Size Dog Bed Is Right?

With ‘The Beast From The East’ just passing and Spring around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in a new dog bed. But what size dog bed should you choose? The options are astronomical! Here are our top tips.

While we all know that dogs love to be active – running along the beach, chasing through the woods or tearing round the snowy local park – it’s important for them to get enough rest. That means having a lovely comfortable space where they can feel safe and peaceful.

It’s a lot harder than you might think to make sure you’re pooch has the perfect night’s rest. Material, size, padding: there’s so much variation, and it all adds up to create the right environment for your tired little dog. If you want to get it right, it’s vital you know what kind of beds are on the market. We’ve selected a couple of our favourites covering the different kinds of dog beds, but if you want to shop our full range of beds, just click here.

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Beds come in all shapes and sizes – from round to oval, with or without sides, igloo style, or even mattress size for large dogs that like to lie flat. These choice aren’t purely aesthetic though: each type offers different support and comfort levels depending on the shape, age and breed of your dog. Before buying, make sure you measure your dog so you know how much space they’ll need.



Get the right comfort level for your dog bed. You want to look for a good amount of padding – you’ll know exactly what it is your dog is used to from their normal lying position and where you’re likely to find them snoozing in your house. If they’re always jumping on the bed they probably like things a little softer. If they’re happy on carpeted floors, you might find a thinner dog bed is right for them.

Easily washable dog beds are best, especially if you’re dog malts, tends to get a bit smelly or loves to get mucky when out on a walk. It’s good to be aware of the type of material if you’re taking it away with you, in the car or outside – no one wants a mouldy dog bed in the house!


Old dogs, young dogs or dogs who need special care and attention are all going to have there own requirements. Consider and ailments or differences in your own dog when selecting your bed.

If a dog is nervous or anxious, it’s good to create a space that they’re aware is their own. An igloo bed or a coverable crate is the perfect way to build a safe environment for your dog. Make sure the whole family know that this is your pet’s private space as your pet may not want to be disturbed.

Have a dog bed for each one of your dogs. Vying for space on the comfiest dog bed will only cause issues, so make sure you have enough dog beds in the house, and that all the pups know whose dog bed is whose!

Place the dog bed in the right place. No one wants to be sleeping in the cold, draughty corner of the house, so make sure your pup is warm, cosy and likes chilling out there. Otherwise there was no point in buying it!
There’s no harm in having a few beds dotted around the house to ensure that they always have their own space in every room. It’ll make them feel more comfortable in the home, and you can always hang out with them – no matter what you’re doing!

Dog Beds and Travelling

When travelling with your dog it’s normally essential you take a bed with you. Not only does it give your dog somewhere to sleep, it also gives them somewhere safe and calm when they need a bit of privacy. Taking a bulky dog bed can be a bit of a pain, but luckily for you, most of PetsPyjamas dog-friendly destinations provide comfortable beds for your pooch. That way, all you’ll need to do is make sure they’re cosy on the journey: everything else is taken care of!


Small and Medium Dogs

Small and medium dogs prefer beds with sides allowing them to feel extra safe, cosy and secure. Plus the raised sides on these dog beds give a great place for pups to rest their heads. You’re spoilt for choice in this category, but we’d recommend The Night Sky Reversible Bed by Fuzzyardor you could try the Luxury Cosy Bed by Banbury & Co.


Medium and Large Dogs

Medium and larger dogs are going to need something a little sturdier than small pups. Imagine a chihuahua and a great dane using the same bed: obviously one of these dogs is going to wear out their bed sooner than the other. Mattress-style dog beds offer enough room for lying down, stretching out or curling up cosy, so we suggest checking out the Maritime Green Dog Duvet by Danish Design or the Highlander Grey Lounge Dog Bed by In Vogue Pets.


Shy and Anxious Dogs

Shy or anxious dogs want to spend a little more time on their own, and may need to keep to themselves in a cosy dog bed. If that’s the case, they may prefer an igloo-style dog bed, like the stunning Pooch Pod by In Vogue Pets or try the The Snuggle by Charley Chau. 

The Versatile Pick

However, you might want to choose one that is also suitable for Spring. One very fashionable option is the Mutts & Hounds Flamingo Pillow Dog Bed. Pair this with a warm, cosy blanket that you can remove during Spring, like this fabulous Shaggy Pet Blanket by In Vogue Pets.


The Stylish Picks

If fashion is on your mind, PetsPyjamas also has a number of chic designer dog beds that will look super stylish in your home – whether you favour country tweeds, cool beige cotton or bright zingy colours – and they are options for every budget.

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