A Christmas Miracle: Mango is rehomed


We are pleased to share with you that Mango, the puppy rescued by photographer Martin Usborne from the streets of the Philippines, has finally arrived in the UK and straight into the arms of his new owners. And PetsPyjamas is so happy that we were able to contribute in helping to get Mango back safely.

Martin set himself the challenge to save as many animals as he could in a year and on one of his many trips he travelled to the Philippines with UK charity Network for Animals, where he found Mango. The 3-month-old puppy was found on a street outside of the capital city Manila, where dogs are sourced for the illegal meat trade. Martin rescued the puppy and bought her for $4.



At the time Martin told the Mail Online, ‘It is more than likely that Mango would have ended up on a plate once she was big enough to be worth slaughtering. The response online has been incredible and I raised enough money to have her flown over in only a few weeks of putting her on my blog.’

IMG_6245With the hope that Mango’s story will help raise awareness about the dog meat trade in the Philippines, Martin met Mango at Heathrow after a gruelling 26 hour journey from Manila. Scared and obviously shaken by the trip, Martin took the now 11 month old mixed breed straight to his new owners just outside London, where she is slowly settling in. Through charity AllDogsMatter Martin has found a wonderful home with Oliver and Gitte who are deeply committed to animal rescue charities. Mango has also acquired a brother in the form of Stanley, a Great Dane who is helping her settle in. We are so pleased that Mango is finally here and that she has found the perfect forever home.

Read more about Martin in our interview with him


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