Visit PetsPyjamas at Pup Aid 2013!

Calling all pet lovers! Come and meet the PetsPyjamas team at Pup Aid’s ‘Fun Dog Show’, held in Primrose Hill Park on Saturday the 7th of September.

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Pup Aid is a wonderful event for dogs and their owners, held to raise awareness of the UK’s cruel puppy and kitten farming trade in the form of a super fun celebrity judged dog show.

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This event is one of PetsPyjamas’ favourite days out. It has all you need for a fun-filled day with your pup by your side, featuring plenty of pet loving celebrities, amazing food, and a fabulously fun dog show.

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This year, Pup Aid has also introduced a new campaign, ‘Where’s Mum’, which encourages anyone interested in adopting a pet to look out for the mother of the puppy up for adoption.

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Fronted by Lydia and Debbie from The Only Way is Essex as well as Meg Mathews and her daughter Anais, the initiative reminds animal lovers that a puppy’s absent mother can be a huge red flag.

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Often when a puppy’s mother isn’t available to see, the dog may have been born on a cruel puppy farm.

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We’re really passionate about this issue, and love the fact that Pup Aid are increasing awareness in a positive and enjoyable way.

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Pop along to Primrose Hill Park to join in the fun, and make sure you come and say hi to the PetsPyjamas team – we’re always up for a chat about pets and are really excited for this fun day!

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