Designer Spotlight: Lisa Bliss

 Drawing animals since she was a teenager, it was natural for Lisa to incorporate wildlife into her striking designs. With a degree in textiles and print, Lisa’s subject matter helps to create a collection of scarves, cushions and mugs that are whimsical and unique.

 lisa bliss

What is your background and how did you come to start designs by Lisa Bliss?

When I was younger I wanted to be a vet. My first job as a young teenager was working in our local vets helping out walking the dogs and feeding the animals. But I used to spend so much of my time crying if the animals died that I decided it wasn’t going to be the most practical of career choices, so I swiftly moved on to something I was better at. I was always quite comfortable with a pen when I was young, I used to spend whole days making my own books up about dogs using markers and stickers. I probably think I was the only one who could read them as they were usually in bright orange felt tip and illegible writing. I come from a crafty family so it was always encouraged. I didn’t discover I could really draw until quite late on at art college. Surface design seemed to be the perfect medium of working, I could use my drawings to make repeats and patterns and I loved the hands on nature of silk screening.

What inspires your work?

So much, its hard to pinpoint just one single thing. More often than not its old “things” though. I seek out country estates with their old classic decoration, museums, vintage and antique fairs. I love objects that have a story to tell, I love second hand things because the objects once had a previous owner and a previous life that I can imagine.

Any designers or artists that you look to for inspiration?

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a certain weakness for Orla Kiely. Each season that woman pulls it out of the bag bettering her last collection. I love the simple bold patterns that she designs with the retro colour palette. It satisfies my need for vintage and print all in one. I’m a massive fan. But then there are so many artists and designers I’m amazed by its hard to narrow it down. As well as my Orla Kiely fascination I’m currently in love again with William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement style. Inspiration never comes from just one place.

What is your favourite piece that you have created and why?

My favourite piece is my fox wallpaper, in the original French grey colour. It was the first piece that confirmed I wanted to design wallpapers. But the fox wallpaper also did a lot when I first started out to get me noticed. However, “The Bear” took me so long to draw, an unbelievably long amount of time, that I’m just so proud I finished him!

What has been the highlight of your career?

Getting my work featured in magazines and on people’s blogs is a dream come true. I particularly remember letting out a little squeal when one of my scarves was used in a shoot for Glamour Magazine photographed with a Chanel suit. Most of all I love seeing people wearing or actually using my products.

 Favourite animal and why?

The dog! I can’t be specific about breeds because I love most of them.Unfortunately I don’t have one of my own (yet) so sometimes we go out on walks just so we can have a cheeky pet of someone else’s!

Fashion item you couldn’t live without?

A scarf! The perfect accessory! I often have one in my hair, or tied to a bag, they’re great for injecting a bit of colour or print if your not too brave. I collect vintage ones with interesting prints or designs, or when travelling I try to pick up one as a memento.

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