Different coloured eyes leaves dog homeless

A one year old Collie is struggling to find a home and the staff taking care of her at an animal shelter believe it is due to her unusual coloured eyes.


While Molly’s eyesight is fine, she has a condition known as heterochromia in humans – a lack of pigment in the iris – which has resulted in her left eye being brown and her right a bright blue giving her, what some may find to be, an unnerving stare.

Molly arrived at the Dogs Trust shelter in Newbury just before Christmas with her near-identical sister Holly who was adopted almost immediately. Unfortunately Molly still remains at the centre.

MOlly 2

Dogs Trust spokesperson Nick Barrow said, “It’s baffling as she is a fantastic dog and we think her blue eye makes her look really striking. We really hope a new owner can see behind Molly’s blue eye and offer her a happy home, just like her sister Holly.”

We wish Molly the best of luck and hope she’ll find a loving family soon! If anyone wants to adopt this beautiful Collie, simply get in touch with Dogs Trust.

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