The benefits of dog coats

Here at PetsPyjamas, we like to consider both style and function. That’s why this week, we asked Andrew Cox, Head Vet Nurse at Goddards Veterinary Clinic in London – do dogs really need coats?

Coat Tweed Slate1-500x500

Slate Tweed Dog Coat

Andrew says, “Dog coats are great for keeping small, short-haired dogs dry and warm in the winter.” Many dogs – even hardier breeds like Norfolk Terriers and even Labradors – get chilly in the winter, so a coat or jumper is a great way to keep them comfortable. For small breeds like Chihuahuas, a coat is advisable for staying warm and happy in cooler weather.

Coat Waxed Navy2-500x500

Navy Waxed Waterproof Dog Coat

And not forgetting the rain – for dog owners taking their pooch out on a rainy day, a raincoat can be a great way to avoid dripping dog coats. Apart from the obvious dangers of overheating your pet in hotter temperatures, Andrew says “There’s no real downside to a dog wearing a coat”.

Perfect for a Chihuahuas and other small dogs:

Small dogs

Perfect for a Labrador and other medium-sized dogs:

medium dogs

Perfect for a Greyhound and other large-sized dogs:

large dogs

Dog coat facts & tips:

– Ok, we have JUST been talking about the benefits of dog coats. But not all dogs need coats. Breeds such as Akitas, Newfoundlands, Siberian Huskys, Cairn Terriers and even Pomeranians do well in cold weather thanks to their undercoats. Always research your breed first to see if a coat is necessary.

– Not all dogs will become easily accustomed to wearing coats. Some will find it very uncomfortable and you should never force your pooch. If you feel your dog really does need a coat, let them wear the coat around your home for a few minutes at a time and build from there.

– Coats are not just for small dogs! Some larger dogs can really benefit from them, such as Greyhounds.

– When buying a coat for your dog, always measure your pet correctly to ensure you get a good fit. You don’t want the coat to be too snug as this could affect your canine’s mobility. Also, check there are no hanging zips, tags or parts on the coat that will get caught or irritate your dog.

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