Dog Accessories Review

We asked our PetsPyjamas ambassadors to road-test some pet products – find out which ones got their seal of approval! 


Professor Dick White, Specialist Veterinary Surgeon

Product reviewed: Ruffwear Lunker Dog Toy


Otto has all the typical characteristics of a German Wirehaired pointer; intelligent, energetic and a determined hunter. As well as being our family dog, Otto is also a working dog, searching for, locating and pointing game. I am always on the lookout for toys that not only keeps him entertained and help with his training but that withstands his rough and tumble nature. The Ruffwear Lunker toy covered all these bases. Beautifully made, it was also waterproof and had brilliant buoyancy so it was perfect for a bit of fun training in the local river. There was no significant change in weight due to water ingress despite playing with it for over 30 minutes of use. It is fairly robust although it may not be the most suitable toy for those dogs without soft mouths however I would recommend this if you want to encourage your Frenchie to swim in Hampstead ponds or want a toy for training soft-mouthed hunting dogs.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 17.31.56



Alison Lovett, Stylist

Product reviewed: Hiro & Wolf Cafe Lead and Collar

Hirowolf-lead copy

With a massive moustache and extra hairy eyebrows, it’s not surprise Betty is often confused for an old man as we go for a walk. To clear up the confusion I decided to invest in a new hiro & wolf lead and collar, in a fetching shade of pink with a matching flower clip. I love the geometric pattern – it’s definitely cool enough to frequent the coffee shops of East London when we’re out and about. And whilst we’re there, the handy café clip has proved invaluable – being able to easily attach her to a chair leg or table whilst I dash into a shop is a great idea.

I was concerned about keeping my new piece of kit pristine – mixing pale canvas and a dog who likes to roll in the mud would surely only lead to one thing? Fear not, a bit of soapy water and all the dirt vanished. The tan leather trim and chunky buckles make this feel like a quality, well-made accessory, which will last for many more walks to come

One function I’d like is the ability to make the lead shorter when needed – Betty’s over-enthusiasm for life and willingness to make friends with everybody and their dog sometimes means I need to keep her close by my side.

Overall, Betty and I love this super stylish collar and lead set – perfect for pooches about town



Gracia Amico, CEO of PetsPyjamas

Product reviewed: Creature Clothes Dog Doza

creature clothes dog dosa

In the office, Steffi, my greyhound has been testing a doza, which is a cushion bed. At home she has a proper dog bed and I thought she would miss the rim to rest her head on. However, she seems to love it. She stretches out on it and her head rests a lot of the time on the floor but she does the same in her normal bed, so it must be a comfortable position for her. She can get very picky with beds, so the fact that she runs to it as soon as she comes in and snuggles up on it, means it certainly has her approval. Personally, I love the design. It is fun, stylish, well made and very good quality.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 17.48.16



Marisa Georgas, Online FashionWriter at RedMagazine

Product reviewed: Pink Vintage Primrose Bow Collar

pink bow tie

With the pretty floral print and soft pastel shades this collar is perfect for pooches who want to make a statement with their accessories. The oversized bow is great for standing out on dogs with a longer coat, and the chunky clasp makes it practical to put on and won’t get tangled in long fur. The lightweight fabric makes it both comfortable and durable.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 17.35.18

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