First ever dog operated washing machine

A man in Leeds has invented the first ever dog-controlled washing machine.
The ‘Woof to Wash’ can be opened with a bespoke foot-pad and fully activated by a simple bark from a specially trained dog. The system has been designed to aid people with disabilities, epilepsy sufferers and children with autism.
After seeing the video from Support Dogs where a dog strips a bed and loads a washing machine, inventor John Middleton said he was blown away and immediately thought about the prospect of a fully dog-operated machine.


washing machine


After getting in touch with Support Dogs, John Middleton was given the thumbs up as they told him they believed there was high demand for such a product. John then teamed up with laundry specialists and professional manufacturers, finishing the project in just under a fortnight.

Specially trained dogs can unlock the machine by pressing the pad with their paw, they then pull a rope with their mouths to open the machine, closing the machine with their nose, then activating the cycle by barking. A storage bottle within the machine then adds pre-measured quantities of detergent to the cycle.

Support Dogs has said this invention is going to be a huge help to disabled users and praise John Middleton for this immeasurable contribution to their futures.


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