Dogs at London Collections: Men

Ellen Scott looks at dogs on the Catwalk  and why they are the fashion elite’s latest must-have.


With the prolific rise of Choupette Lagerfeld, Fifi Lapin, and Menswear Dog, it’s no surprise that fashion brands are becoming a lot more animal friendly. Let’s face it, if you want to get your runway show the most mentions on twitter, or your instagram post the most likes, adding in a cute animal will always work. In January we saw sullen looking basset hounds on the Agi & Sam catwalk, and while no pooches have appeared on the runways at this week’s London Collections: Men, we’re definitely keeping an eye out for some in the next few days.

A great side effect of this furry trend is that designers tend to be a lot more welcoming of guests bringing their own pups. We spotted a few furry attendees of the Spencer Hart show on Sunday, showing that dogs are more than welcome on the front row. There don’t appear to be any official rules regarding pooches, but we guarantee that if you’re rich and famous, your pet won’t have to wait outside.

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Brix Smith-Smart was lucky enough to be able to snuggle with her dogs at a London Collections: Men show, tweeting photos of herself and her two dogs, Gladys and Pixie, at the Mr Start & Mr Hare catwalk. However, as he’s Brix’s husband, we doubt he has a problem with her bringing a few four-legged guests.

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Don’t worry, Brix wasn’t the only attendee who was able to hug some pugs. Cher Webb, Dermot O Leary, and the menswear-show-ubiquitous David Gandy were all in attendance and were pictured with Gladys and Pixie at the event.

We hope that other designers will pick up on this trend and start allowing more dogs into events. After all, as the luxury products at PetsPyjamas show, dogs can be stylish too.

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