A dog’s bucket list adventure

After learning the devastating news last summer that her English Mastiff had terminal bone cancer – Lauren Fern Watt decided to make the last months of her faithful friend’s life memorable by compiling a bucket list.


Gizelle had been beside Lauren’s side through college, boyfriends and a move from Tennessee to New York. “This dog wasn’t just my best friend — she was my roommate and confidant,” said Watt.

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So rather than be miserable, PR worker Lauren and all 160-pounds of Gizelle spent their last few months adventuring together, which included seeking out delicious doughnuts, recreating a scene from The Little Mermaid and cuddling whenever possible.

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Gizelle’s full bucket list:
1. Ride in a canoe
2. See Times Square
3. Cook lobster in Maine
4. Eat ice cream on a dock
5. Go on a road trip
6. Cuddle as much as possible
7. Spend a whole day at Washington Square Park
8. Go to a party and meet a cute boy dog
9. Find the best doughnut in the world
10. Meet Santa
11. Sit on the beach in the winter

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Gizelle sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago, but as Lauren wrote in her article dedicated to her four-legged friend; “I knew she would live on through my experiences, and that I gave her the best life I could. And that to me was infinitely healing.”

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