Emanuele Pesenti & Babbi

Emanuele Pesenti is a freelance Marketing Manager for music festivals including Wilderness and Secret Garden Party. He chats to us about his Husky, Babbi and the positives of owning a larger dog…



How did you get into the festival industry?

By chance really. Having worked in the advertising industry for 8 years, I fancied a change of direction. I have a strong passion for music so festivals seemed a good fit. I had a little bit of luck through some contacts I knew, and it all started from there…

Why did you choose Babbi?

I have always wanted a husky since I was a child. I knew that they needed a lot of exercise and it never seemed the right time to commit. One day, a litter was born nearby and we went to visit (with no intention of coming back with one!). I think she chose me actually, she was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her. She turned into the most beautiful and special dog ever.

What are the positives of owning a larger dog?

I guess it depends on what you prefer. I personally like the feeling of having a larger dog; it definitely makes you work harder. However, of what you give to them, you get twice that back. It’s definitely more of a commitment than a smaller dog. The great thing about huskies is that they don’t bark (just howl every so often). They also only shed their hair twice a year.

What are your tips for having a larger dog in London?

They need plenty of exercise and space to live in. A park close-by is essential, a garden to run around in would also be a big help.


What are your favourite pet-friendly places in London?

Bishops Park, Richmond Park and Battersea Park are the three best spots for me.

Has Babbi ever been to a festival?

Yes, although with lots of care and attention. It can be an unsafe place for animals, but if they are looked after properly, it’s actually quite enjoyable for them as well. And everybody loves her so she gets a lot of attention.

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