The Essex cat burglars

A couple in Essex have told reporters about their cats who have taken to stealing.

The feline brothers, Ernie and Eric, have brought home over 100 items to their owners, Margaret and Eddie. The stolen goods have included shoes, gloves, slippers and hats. The four year old cats have apparently been partaking in the criminal activities ever since they were rescued as kittens from the roadside.

Ernie and Eric

Margaret said ‘the first thing they brought us was a shuttlecock, which they stole watching the neighbours playing badminton’. Since then, the mischievous brothers seem to have taken a liking to children’s shoes, often bringing one home on one day and then the second shoe the day after. Margaret has said sadly there haven’t been any glamorous finds.Margaret and Eddie have even come to recognise the special miaow Ernie makes when he has brought them back another steal. The couple have managed to return some of the items to their neighbours, sadly they weren’t able to find the original homes for all of them so the rest have been donated to charity shops.

Ernie and Eric 2

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