Feeding cats – top tips for a healthy, happy feline

Who knew feeding cats could be tricky? Holly Mash, vet and author of ‘The Holistic Cat’, reveals how tweaking the way you feed your cat can help make them healthy and fit.


Cats can be fussy diners! So, here are a few tips to keep them eating healthily and happily!

Little & often

How often you feed your cat should imitate their built-in drive for repeated short bursts of hunting, sleeping and feeding over each 24-hour period. This means that they are typically eating 10 to 20 small meals throughout the day and night, rather than just one or two discrete meals. So, feed your cat little and often!


The hunt is on

It’s also a good idea to try and make mealtimes for your cat more interesting. Put small, (mouse-meal size), portions of food down in different locations around the house, so that your cat has to search them out, making feeding time stimulating and rewarding.

Room temperature

The temperature of your cat’s food also has a strong influence on its acceptance. Make sure that their food is at room temperature before you put it down for them and never offer it straight from the fridge!

So shallow

Cats also prefer to eat and drink from shallow saucer like dishes where their whiskers don’t touch the sides. They are also very sensitive to stale food odours and moulds and may not eat unless their food bowls are scrupulously clean.



Finally, cats like to eat and drink in separate locations – so never use bowls that offer food and water side by side.

By Holly Mash BVSc MRCVS (www.holisticpetcompany.co.uk)

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