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The Top First Aid Tips for your Pet

What to do if you pet gets a foreign body stuck in the throat: Firstly never be tempted to throw sticks for your dog and always check the ball size is big enough for the individual dogs’ mouth before playing catch – this will help prevent injury. If they do get something stuck in their throat check the gum colour for oxygen levels – it should be a nice pink fleshy colour. However, if it is a blue shade then the animal is not getting enough oxygen. This is an emergency! Do not put your hand into the animal’s mouth as you may get bitten. Hold the animal upside down or hang the chest and head off a table if your dog is too big to pick up and pat hard on the side of the wall of their chest to try to dislodge the item. If the animal is able to breathe ok and gum colour is pink then get to vet as soon as possible so they can remove the item safely without causing further damage.