First dog Café In London To Open This Year

With London’s first ever cat café due to open on 1 March, it’s only fair that our canine companions get a space of their own.

“After continuing to follow the dog market and the ever-annoying result of being turned away from premises whenever in the company of our dogs we decided last year that, come hell or high water, 2014 would be the year we would launch a café space,” said Kristjan Byfield, the man behind the venture.


The Happiness of Hounds will reportedly open later this year, however the venue has yet to be decided. Kristjan has said he ideally wants to open in a permanent premises around Shoreditch but is also seeking short-term pop up spaces to get business started.

“The public response in four short weeks has been phenomenal and with so many keen to see us open, we think people will be snapping at our heels to get involved and support this great concept,” he said.

dog cafe 4

Unlike Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, The Happiness of Hounds will not have any ‘resident’ pooches. Dog owners will instead be allowed to turn up with their pets to relax, eat, drink and hang out with fellow dog lovers and their canine chums. Those without a pet are also welcome to visit to get a ‘quick fix of canine companionship.’

In addition, the café will offer grooming services, nutrition advice, and a selection of dog food and accessories.


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