Dog friendly holidays: Earn air miles

pet points

Virgin Australia has become the latest airline to introduce extra pet-friendly benefits to their flights for when you’re off on your cat and dog-friendly holidays, launching the first Australian frequent flier program for pets. The airline encourages pet owners to fly with them with the incentive of added bonus points to the air miles fliers already receive when pets come along for the journey. Red members (the entry level) will earn an extra 300 points each time they fly with one pet carrier, while Platinum members can earn up to 600 points.

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Velocity Frequent Flyer CEO, Neil Thompson, understands why a frequent flier program for dog friendly holidays is so important, stating that ‘Virgin Australia flies almost 30,000 pets each year around Australia’, showing just how important pets are to the airline’s customers.

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The scheme will mirror the existing family benefits, with customers able to pool the points and status credits of their pets.

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Virgin Australia has also received over a thousand entries for their ‘Velocity Pet Ambassador’ campaign; a contest to find five pets to act as the face of the program. The winning pet owners will receive 10,000 Velocity points –  enough for one of the airline’s flights, the cheapest of which costs 6,900 points.

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A similar program is also in place for Virgin Atlantic customers flying to specific locations. UK Members of the Virgin Atlantic flying club will receive 1000 miles when taking a pet to Orlando, Miami, Washington, Chicago, New York, Newark, Dubai, Boston, Barbados, and Dubai, and 2000 miles when a pet flies to Vancouver, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Hong Kong.

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