Youtube star Maru gets a new friend

maru 1

Any internet obsessed cat lover knows about Maru, the fluffy Scottish Fold who gained Youtube fame after his owner uploaded a few videos of Maru climbing into boxes. As of this year, Maru’s videos have been viewed over 200 million times, and the adorable cat is frequently mentioned in articles detailing the most famous pets on the web.

But Youtube star Maru may soon be facing some competition for the cutest cat on the internet, as Maru’s owners have recently adopted a gorgeous two month old kitten, named Hana. Upon hearing about the latest addition to the Maru household, we have to admit we were a little concerned. How will Maru deal with having a new cat around? How will he cope with Hana encroaching on his territory? What if Hana also wants a career in adorably climbing into boxes?!

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. It usually takes cats a while to get used to having a new playmate around, needing plenty of love and affection to prevent any jealousy. However, our concerns have definitely been eased after seeing these photos. Maru and Hana already look like they’re getting along famously, running around the house together and cautiously sniffing each other’s ears.

maru 3

Maru and Hana’s owner seems to confirm this, stating that the two cats are both doing well. We can’t wait to see more photos of the adorable Scottish Fold and his new furry friend, and will be super excited if Hana makes an appearance in one of Maru’s upcoming videos!

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