#GetPetsFit campaign launches

Today, the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (PFMA) came together with pet care professionals in Teddington to combat pets’ expanding waists by launching the #GetPetsFit campaign.   

The aim of the initiative is to educate the nations pet owners on how to keep their furry friends fit and ensure they have a happy and healthy life. 77% of vets reportedly believe that pet obesity is on the rise but through collaborative exercise, weight management and correct feeding routines, owners can help their animal comrades live up to two years longer (that’s an extra 14 years in dog years!)


This morning at the Teddington Cricket Club owners had their pets weighed, received individual pet health assessments and health tips from local vets. Dog owners also got to put their pooches through their paces in an agility class which included a mini assault course.


Many of the local pets have now been enrolled in an eight month fitness mission that will include weigh-in sessions and fun exercise activities.

Pet owners also met pet experts, Zara Boland, founder of Vet Voice Ltd, Jacky MacKenzie, founder of Paws for Thought and Ian Stroud, founder of Vet4Life, who all gave great tips and advice on how to get pets into shape.


The #GetPetsFit campaign ties in with the PFMA’s re-launch of Weigh In Wednesday that encourages owners to be more aware of their pet’s ideal weight.

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