A sad goodbye to a beloved PetsPyjamas dog

steffi and g

It was with very heavy hearts that we said farewell to one of our wonderful office dogs Steffi, who passed away earlier this week.

Owner Gracia Amico, CEO of PetsPyjamas rescued Greyhound Steffi and instantly fell in love with her calm, sweet and serene nature.

A true gentle soul, Steffi was beloved by all who met her here at PetsPyjamas and the void she has left behind is far larger than her slender frame.

We’ve collected an assortment of pictures of Steffi to celebrate the wonderful life she had, and to share her beauty and grace with those who were not fortunate enough to meet her.


Steffi was a very willing and beautiful model at our Christmas shoot.


She loved coming into the PetsPyjamas office and would spend hours snuggled on her bed in between taking the time out to visit different team members at their desks.


Steffi modelling a festive scarf at our Christmas shoot.


It was a badly kept secret that Steffi had a little crush on our other office dog, Kobi.


The PetsPyjamas office eventually became Steffi’s second home and she loved to snooze while Gracia and the team worked.


Steffi loved to join in our meetings and would always pay attention to all the goings-on.

unnamed (1)

Everyone in the office loved to volunteer to take Steffi to the park.

Read more about Steffi and what Gracia loved about her. 

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