Heidi’s First Birthday

Heidi, the Norfolk Terrier celebrated her first birthday last week. On the guest list were bbf’s Stella, the Shih Tzu and Lulu and Araminta – her favourite Pugs.

Ella from Sugarella Cakes, created the most beautiful Norfolk Terrier cake, and Norfolk Terrier shaped biscuits and pupcakes were also on the menu. Everything went well except when Heidi’s brother Rufus snatched two sandwiches from the table when no one was looking.


Heidi wearing ICE London collar


Norfolk Terrier shaped cake created by Ella of Sugarella Cakes


Heidi’s BFF Stella with her party gift


Natalie with Pug Araminta


Heidi in her Ice London collar with her puppy canapes


Norfolk Terrier cake


Norfolk Terrier shaped biscuits


Recipe for Tuna and Cheddar Bone Biscuits

Makes about 40 small biscuits

The dogs seemed to like these. I made up the recipe as I went along but very roughly speaking here’s what it involved…

 Set oven to 180 degrees and line two baking sheets with lightly oiled baking parchment.

6oz plain wholemeal flour

2oz porridge oats

3oz butter

Tablespoon olive oil

A good handful of fresh parsley, chopped (stalks too)

Two cans of tuna fish, drained

I free range egg (large)

A generous grating of strong cheese.

Mix together as if making pastry adding some water if the mixture is too dry. Roll out to a depth of about 1 centimetre. Use a bone shaped cutter, prick the biscuits gently with a fork, place carefully on the baking sheets and bake until your dog barks (around 25 minutes I think but ask the dog). Move somewhere safe to cool – not the dog, the biscuits. Freeze any surplus biscuits – or simply take with you on dog walks and bask in the popularity.


Heidi and BFF Stella


Heidi and Camilla

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